Monday, August 14, 2006

The Jim Brueur "Hokey Pokey" Video

Jim Breuer - AcDc

A video that ALWAYS makes me laugh. Hope you get a chuckle, too. It's kinda long, but seriously funny.


J.F. said...

I have Jim Breuer's comedy CD. He is so underrated as a standup. I wonder what he's doing these days? Thanks for the video!

Elliemarie said...

Oh, Kristi...I am actually crying I was laughing so hard at that! I love ACDC and that guy has Brian Johnson nailed! Thank you, I needed that!

Kristi K. said...

Oh man! I love his standup! I could listen to him all day. I don't have any cds, just some old Saturday Night Live VHS stuff. It's crazy...if you do a search on him, hardly anything comes up, which is a bummer. I really would like to know what he's doing these days. If you ever hear anything, please let me know. We go to comedy clubs occasionally, but I've never heard of him appearing at any of them.

My boss went to see ACDC when she was younger. She laughs so hard that she cries and can't hardly breathe when she sees that video. Jim is seriously talented! :)