Monday, August 7, 2006

Another Monday Came Knocking

Here it is again. Monday. If you're an optimist, it could be the fresh start you need. The dawn of a new era. The beginning of something wonderful. You might be shouting, "This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

If you're neither here nor there, it could be just another Monday. The start of yet another week. Yet another day. Nothing to see here.

Or, if you are a pessimist or just have really low seratonin levels ;) it could be the start of a nightmarish week, seemingly without end. It could be all you can do to put one foot in front of the other. You might wish Monday would go away, opting to hide out under the covers and wait it out.

I've had Mondays that mirrored all of the above. I think today I'm more the middle ground. Not overly joyful yet certainly not down and out.

How about you? Where are you in your heart as we start a new week?

How was your weekend? Anything new to report?

As for me, my weekend was good. In fact, the good started out Friday. I took a long lunch to hang out with Sheila and our long time friend, Betsy. I hadn't seen Betsy in years, and the visit, albiet short, was delightful. We laughed and chatted just like we'd seen one another only weeks earlier. Besty was in my wedding many years back. She was amazed to hear that Josh, my oldest, will be a sophomore this year. I think she was in shock that time passed that fast. I know it continues to baffle me. I met Betsy's kids for the first time. Up until now, I'd only seen them in pictures. We decided to get together a lot more often in the future.

Friday evening, I went to Bipsy's for a crop. Sandy and Beth went as well. Sheila was supposed to go, but she ended up not being able to attend.

Despite that disappointment, the four of us who did make it had a great time. We worked on decorative items/borders for our books. I suggested since we were all working on borders, it might be fun if we shared the task. For example, if I made a rose border, I would make four of them...three of them to share. If Sandy was making an item with hearts, she would make four, and share. It went a lot faster that way. We each worked with a couple of different tools or punches, and the whole process worked like an assembly line. Only a whole lot funner and sillier.

We had really good food, which included fresh strawberries, homemade spinach dip, pita chips, hamburgers on the grill, and all kinds of other goodies.

One of the funnest parts of the evening was taking a break and getting in the hot tub. We looked a sight, I'm sure. With the jets on, it's hard to keep from floating. Sandy slipped getting in, and we thought she was going to drown for a second. She sputtered and then righted herself, and then began giggling hysterically. I think the neighbors probably thought we were having a drunken party as much as we were cracking up.

We ended up cropping until about 1:30 p.m., so Beth and I ended up spending the night. I was up and out early...around 7:30 a.m., but enjoyed a cup of coffee and lovely breakfast before heading out.

Rob had a convention to go to, so I ran the shop for him Saturday. I left about 1:30, and Josh ran it for the rest of the afternoon. Depsite my lack of expertise in selling the merchandise, we had a pretty busy day. I felt stressed out, and I realized it's because I hate not knowing answers to people's questions. However, one of the items we sell is Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and some of the questions people ask me are way above my head. Personally, I think that any kid (or adult) who can understand the rules of the game must be of superior intellect. Really. It's more complicated than a brain like mine can fathom.

After I left the shop, I came to work and got some filing and other organizing done. It's stuff that's really hard to orchestrate while other people are around.

Rob and Jo and I hung out in the evening, had dinner together, while Josh and Jess went to the local fair. We picked them up at ten-ish, and headed home.

Sunday I slept in, worked the shop again for a portion of the day, and then did some socializing with other local shop owners. I enjoy walking around, chatting and catching up with some of my favorite people. I bought a few small items here and there, but nothing major.

We had a very busy day at the shop, so I helped out as needed throughout the day.

Rob and I got groceries after we closed the shop. From there we headed home. Josh had cleaned the living room while we were gone shopping, which was a huge help. Then all the kids brought the groceries in put them away, after which we had dinner. I spent the rest of the evening doing laundry and reading. I'm about halfway through the book I'm on, and I'm loving it. This is one I'll hate to finish, because I'm so enjoying the world the author has created.

So, that's the story of my weekend. Nothing overly exciting, but certainly a decent weekend.

Hope your week is off to a good start. Looking forward to hearing how your weekend went.

More later!


neicybelle said...

i think it sounds like an awesome weekend!! how fun!! today was a good monday...have a busy week ahead, but was rested up and ready to take it on!

Holli said...

First let me say I LOVE scrappy! I am sooo glad you had an awesome time! Sounds like your weekend was busy but joyful.
Today is an I hate Monday day. I woke up with a horrible sinus/allergy something or other and I can't breath. The AC isn't working in my office so I have a pool of sweat in between my boobs that my hubby could swim in!
I could go on but I won't!
Well... my weekend was fabu! I watched my kid grow up (literally) before my very eyes.
We went to the zoo Friday had a blast. Sat he learned to ride his bike w/o training wheels, had his first sleep over with a friend (he stayed there) and Sunday learned to swim w/o floaties on his arms and Sat. we also bought his school supplies for his first year of school. Ok, those are things that a mom should not experience all at once HOWEVER! I am looking at it as I am one step closer to freedom! LOL! Being the mother of a 5 yr old is awesome! Church was awesome - great service! Weather was good (until 3pm yesterday). So I got some pool time, so alone time with the hubby. Life is good.