Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Learning Experiences

I am having a pretty good day. How 'bout you? Good, I hope. I've learned so much more stuff, I just have to tell you!

Here 'goes:

A Good Idea:

If you ever get a sunburn, go get this gel that has lidocaine & menthol in it. It is awesome! Ours is put out by Kroger (grocery chain) and it's like $3 for 16 ounces. It's called Aloe Vera Pain Relieving Gel. It's a godsend!

A Bad Idea:

If your arms are too short to reach your back and you need someone to apply this pain relieving gel, do not ask your husband to do it if he has been a factory worker for the last seven years. Factory workers do very hard labor, and this hard labor produces calluses. Calluses may be a manly man thing to have, but they don't feel so good on painfully red sunburned backs.

A Good Idea:

Have your fellow office coworker (for me it was Bispsy) who you trust apply the gel! Office workers usually don't have rough hands since they do office work. They may have the occasional paper cut or hang nail, but calluses: no. (Unless they moonlight on the side detassling corn or something.)

A Bad Idea:

Assume that it's so early in the a.m., that no other office workers have arrived and you can just lift up your shirt and apply the gel right there in the bathroom with the door standing wide open. "Surely no one else will come in this early," you may say to yourself. HA! No, trust me, make sure that you close and lock the bathroom door. People may wonder what the two of you are doing in the bathroom with the door locked, but they won't potentially see an eyefull just passing by.

A Good Idea:

If you take two large zip lock bags and fill them with ice, you can staple them together and make a "cape" to wear on your back that makes your sunburn feel a whole lot better.

A Bad Idea:

Leaving the ice on the exact same spot for an extended period of time can give the sensation of a "cold" burn on top of the sunburn. Do not do this. Really.

Hope those are tips you never need. But just in case....


neicybelle said...

ok...i am rolling on the floor laughing myself senseless!! i'm so sorry that you are in such misery! but the whole "lessons learned" thing is hysterical!!! i have to wipe my eyes so i can see, i'm laughing so hard!!

Elliemarie said...

Good idea, bad idea...did you watch Animaniacs? Too funny. Sunburns are always brutal, hence why I look like Casper most of the time. Weel, keep slathering on the pain-relieving gel and keep cool!

Kristi K. said...

I used to watch Animaniacs, and thought it was hilarious. Then I realized it was my dad's favorite cartoon, and I purposely stopped watching it. Terrible. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?

Anyway, I guess that "good idea-bad idea" wasn't inspired by Animaniacs. Probably just delirium inspired like most of my other posts. :)

Thanks for stopping by, Ellie.