Monday, June 5, 2006

What Seems Like a Bad Thing.....

It seemed like a bad thing to get hit in the head by a 15 lb. stereo in the middle of the night. Yes, it hurt. In fact, today my head is throbbing. I'm starting to think it is more sinus pressure than anything.

Yet so much good has come out of that unpleasant incident. Here's some examples:

#1. I had the weekend off. I spent Friday night over at my boss' house with my daughter. Just some Mother-Daughter time. Relaxed. Rested. Talked.

#2. Saturday, since I was off at the second job, I spent the day with my youngest. I had planned to spend the morning at my boss', have breakfast, tidy up, check the mail, feed the cat and leave to spend the day running errands. I went to get in the car, and the interior light had been left on all night, draining the battery. I then made the decision to stay there until my husband got off work. We went back in, got in the hot tub, and spent the day talking, watching t.v., cuddling the cat, snacking, kicking back and just enjoying doing nothing important.

#3. After my husband came to get the car back on the road, we all went out to eat as a family. We went to an "all you can eat" pizza place that had games as well. It was a good time. Played. Took pictures. Wasn't overtired.

#4. When I was off over the weekend, I had multiple visitors at my second job. Of course, I wasn't there, but I had numerous messages that friends, relatives and acquaintances stopped by to see me. When they didn't find me, they kept stopping by my husband's shop asking where I was. It touched me that so many people that I knew both in my personal life and from the shop took the time to ask about me. My boss said he was impressed that I've made such an impact there, having only worked there just over a month.

My second cousins (who are my dad's age) came by and returned some scrapbooks that I had loaned them. The scrapbooks were all about my family. One was about both grandmother and grandfather that raised me...and their parents. The other one was just about my grandmom in her later years. The third one was about my brother and I growing up. My grandmom was my one cousin's favorite aunt, so I encouraged her to peruse the scrapbooks at length. She had kept them for several months and was making sure I got them back safely. It was sweet for them to all come up to see me.

#5. For the last few months I have long been dissatisfied with my living room furniture. When we moved to the country and bought my grandmom's house, we gave all of her antique furniture to my dad. Having kids still at home, I envisioned the beautiful furniture getting systematically destroyed, so I opted to pass it on to dad. I knew he would take good care of it. We had given away our furniture from our city house, so we had sparse furniture remaining. We had a loveseat which was sinking fast and a really nice recliner that my friend Sheila couldn't fit in her living room. I had made up my mind that with two rowdy boys and their friends around, I wouldn't buy any more new furniture until they were no longer living at home. If I had to sit on lawn chairs, I was stubborn enough to do it, rather than buy something new and watch it go downhill.

I had griped about this very fact to my good friends, commiserating with those who had teenagers as well. One of my friends, Debbie, had a couch specially made that was reinforced to withstand her family's roughhousing. Over the weekend, this same friend came to my rescue. She knew I was having a bad week. We had talked about it via email since Thursday. She's one of those type of people who is a blessing to everyone she meets. In keeping with her generous nature, she obtained a couch for me this weekend. She had a business associate who was selling a gently used leather couch. This associate owed her a favor, and she called it in by getting the couch for me.

Having pretty severe dust mite allergies, my doctor advised me to have leather furniture. The first leather set I bought was cheaply made and it ended up only lasting about two years. Since that experience, I have had my eye on the kind of leather couches that have the reinforced front with brass furniture tacks or whatever they are. Anyway, that's exactly what this is. I remember seeing the couch once before, thinking "that couch would look great in my living room." Now that it's there, it does look great! It's very comfy, too! I am blessed to have such caring friends.

In conclusion, I think what this accident caused me to do was simply slow down. Rest. Rejuvenate. Breathe.

Neicybelle, I bet you can relate to what I'm saying. Like your recent illness that made you slow your pace, my world has been spinning a tad more slowly since last Wednesday night.

Other praiseworthy items: My boss is back from vacation. Wheh! I made it!
Also, it's gorgeous here today. Again, cloudless, sunny, balmy and no humidity. Gotta love it! Moreover, the kids' last day of school is tomorrow. I always breathe a sigh of relief. There are too many things for me to remember during the school year because each of the three are in a different building in the district. Ugh! I'm not sure some parents are rejoicing that school is out for the summer. I am one of them who finds it a welcome reprieve.

Hope it's a beautiful Monday where you are!

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neicybelle said...

Kristi, that is an awesome entry! What a great weekend! I'm so jealous of the couch, though...don't worry...I'll get over it! :-) I could relate and was happy for you. I'm glad the kids are out and you're getting a break from school obligations. It seems to me that school projects are more work for the parents than the kids!