Thursday, June 1, 2006

How Hard Headed Can Ya Get?

That's a good question for me....I just may be more hard headed than I would have ever guessed!

You know how they say a large percentage of accidents happen in the home? Here's one for the census...

Last night I threw a load of laundry in the wash. It was late when I did that, and I ended up falling asleep before I put it in the dryer. I have a high efficiency washer/dryer set. The wash cycle was set for an hour. I didn't make it that far.

So, in the middle of the night, I woke up and thought, "I really should get that laundry in the dryer." So, I decided to walk downstairs with no contacts or glasses on and do just that. Did I fall down the stone stairs into the unfinished basement and break every bone in my body? Nope. I made it downstairs just fine. I made it back up the stairs as well.

At this point I noticed that Jess wasn't in her room, that she had slept on the couch. Her room is closer to the basement than ours, so I decided instead of going back in the room and risk waking up my husband, I'd just sleep in her bed.

All was going as planned. I laid down, rested my head on her pillow, and got all comfy. Jess' bed is what is known as a Murphy bed. My grandfather built was a storage/space saving unit before they became popular. The bed can either fold into the wall for extra floor space or out for a twin bed. There are two sets of shelves above the bed and swivel-close drawers below. Again, all built into one unit. Jess uses the first row of shelves for scrapbooks and books, notebooks, etc. The second row has her stuffed animals and in the corner is the monster stereo we got her for Christmas. There is nothing space saving about this stereo. It's a five cd disk changer, not compact: it must weight 15 pounds if it weighs an ounce.

It seems that the boys had borrowed the extension cord to Jess' stereo for one of their video games. Consequently, she had pulled the cord tightly, just barely reaching the outlet to the right of the bed. To hide the cord, she had placed some stuffed animals at the head of her bed.

This explains why I didn't see the danger. So, when I turned my head it bowed the cord, sending the stereo flying forward off the (at least 6 foot high) shelf and on to my left temple. It knocked me out. When I tried to get up, I kept falling backward on to the bed. Then the nausea hit.

As of right now, I am still seeing stars and it hurts to smile or laugh. I'm a little befuddled and sleepy. Other than a pretty decent headache, I'm doing well, considering. The bruising, thankfully, is all concealed by my hair.

That was quite an experience. One mild concussion and a lessoned learned....quite a bit of excitement for the middle of the night. I just keep thanking God that it was me and not Jess. She might not be quite as hard-headed yet. :)


neicybelle said...

Oh Kristi!! Thank goodness you're as ok as you are! If that corner had landed in your eye, you might be telling a different story! wow...take care of yourself..ok?

PJ said...

Oh Kristi!! You poor thing! I'm praying for you hon. Hope you feel better soon and heal quickly!!