Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wardrobe Malfunctions and other Ramblings

I am here. It's Wednesday and I am here. I'm getting ready to pack up and leave work, but I thought I'd drop a post before I do.

It's a hot one today! Very hazy and hot, but I've been hiding in the a/c most of the day. I didn't volunteer to go out for anyone or for any reason today. Yesterday I went out for lunch, because my boss and I wanted more than fast food. So I headed out to the grocery where the salad bar beckoned. By the time I got back, I was thankful to be in again.

Right now I am driving the car we own that doesn't have a/c while we save up to get our newer one fixed. Our newer car needs brakes, shocks and struts. It's one car at a time when it comes to major stuff. We just got our van back on the road last month. It has been so nice having it back in action! We have taken the kids to the drive in twice. They were able to bring friends and we weren't crowded. We plan to take the van on a trip in July to Chicago. It will be so nice to have some leg room.

I have such awesome friends, by the way. Have I mentioned that?

My friend, Sheila, has a electrician/mechanic husband. He has helped us however he can with repairs to our house and vehicles. We try to help them if we can, but I must say it seems like the scale has tipped in our favor of late as far as helping goes. Anyway, Sheila's husband has a trailer that can pull vehicles. I'm not sure if trailer is the right word...but, anyway, it can pull vehicles. He loaned it to another friend of his who was going to tow a van the same make and model as ours. They were going to piece it out at a junkyard because it had all kinds of engine and transmission problems. Anyway, he told his friend that he wanted to see what condition the tires were in. They were like new tires. He pulled them off and called me....he said, "I'm bringing you a set of almost new tires that are in better shape than yours." What a blessing!

Okay, and here's another well as an embarrassing story. It just goes to show you that I mean it when I say I have awesome friends.

Last week my boss was off for two days for a trip. I was running the office by myself, with no way of leaving. The one person who can usually answer phones or greet people while I leave for a moment was simply too busy to get away from a pressing project he had.

I had worn a pair of my favorite jeans and light sweater. When I put the jeans on, I noticed a little tiny hole in the back of them, but I thought nothing of it. I had washed them so many times that they fit great...though not too tight...and were just plain comfy.

So, I got to work and I was working away, getting up and down a lot, because I was busier than usual.

All of a sudden, I heard a huge "RRRRRRRIIIIIPPPPP!" Of course, the little hole turned into a rip down the entire backside of my pants.

What to do? What to do? No one was here to save the day. I couldn't leave, I couldn't cover up the gaping hole, and I sure couldn't walk around all day like that! Wasn't that also the day I chose to wear the most multi-colored, flowered underwear that I own? Of course.

I searched every drawer in the office for a needle and thread. I located some safety pins, but every time I sat down, one popped open and stuck me in the butt! Geez!

So I thought, "Who can I call? What can I do?"

Finally, the thought occured to me that my friend, Sandy, might be home from vacation. I knew we were close to the same size, so I took a chance and called her.

She had just arrived home from vacation that day. In fact, she had just walked in the door. I hated to ask for her help. I know how eager I am to lie down and rest after a road trip.

But without hesitation, she came to my rescue, bringing me- within minutes- a pair of jeans. They fit perfectly, and I was able to finish my day without further humiliation.

See what I mean? I have awesome friends!

In closing, I want to say, "Hi, April. I posted. I hope this provides your 'fix' for the week. Thanks for keeping tabs on me! Love ya, sis!"

Hope you all keep cool and that you don't have any wardrobe malfunctions in your life this week! :)

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neicybelle said...

You do have awesome friends! Thank you for posting!