Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh Wait! There's More! I Thought of Some More!

I thought of some more stuff to add to my list! It's fun! In the past I have sent out lists like these to my friends, asking them what their favorites are. Then I compile them into a friendship album. It's fun figuring out stuff about my friends that I didn't know or had forgotten over the years.

My Favorite Commercial

* My favorite commercial has been out for awhile. A man is talking, while golfing, mowing his lawn, barbequeing and whatnot. He's talking about how his kids go to the best schools, he belongs to the country club and lives in a great neighborhood, etc. Then he asks, "And how do I do it? I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. Somebody help me!" All while smiling. That is hilarious. Because I soooo understand how that is. :)

I also love the recent commercials for a cel phone company...T Mobile, I think. It's about having enough minutes for even the biggest talkers. There's one about a teenager who is rambling on and on about nothing. That is SOOO Jess! Then there's one where the salesman says, "And then I said, that's no St. Bernard, that's my grandmother!" Oh my gosh! Finally, there's one with a lady real estate agent who says, "If a celebrity dies in your house, it's a landmark!" and "No, the boy that started those fires is in jail now," or something like that. They crack me up.

* Oh, and how dare I forget to mention that I sang in choir from sixth grade until I graduated. I had many solos and duets. It was so much fun. I was disappointed in my sophomore year when I tried out for our sing and dance "show choir" which had about 12 members total. Both my brother and I made it! We were so excited! Then my grandmother told us that we had to do one activity only. We couldn't do two at once. The choir was year 'round, but I wasn't willing to drop tennis for it. Nor was my brother willing to drop basketball. So it was a no go. Being a parent now, I can understand her reasoning. At the time we were bummed.

My friend, Wyn, and I were in a play together written by Neil Simon called "Fools." That was in my freshman year. It was a blast! It was a great comedic show.

Having enjoyed the stage so much, I decided to take public speaking in my junior year. It was like debate in a lot of ways. We wrote speeches, argued our points of view, etc. I received the award in our class for top speaker.

I've never had stage fright or jittery nerves getting in front of a crowd. I attribute that to being privelaged enough to be able to sing in groups with the school choir. It became almost habit to stand in front of crowded rooms and sing or speak.

Wyn was one of those people though, who literally could wear a shirt that said, "Whatever you can do, I can do better," and it be truthful. I could do many things well, but she excelled in EVERYTHING. Whatever she touched turned to gold. It was amazing.

She got an "A" rating every time she sang at individual choir competition. She had an almost opera-like quality to her lovely soprano voice. She ended up in the highest vocal class for a soloist in our area.

She could paint pictures like a professional. Our high school art instructor had a show for Wyn's work in our senior year. Our principal, along with many other staff members, bought Wyn's paintings.

She was naturally athletic. She was a fast runner, always getting blue ribbons in the track and field competitions in elementary school. She swam like a fish. I truly felt like there was nothing that she couldn't do.

Hanging around her, I always felt stuck between privelaged to be her friend and angry that I couldn't quite measure up. She raised the bar too high.

Looking back, I am so glad I had her in my life. She was six months older than me, so she always did everything first. She went through "girl stuff" first, kissed a boy before me, wore makeup first, drove first. I always looked to her for advice on what to do in new situations. She seemed so wise to me.

Now, six months is a very short age difference. Of course, the tables have turned. Being younger just means I have six months to gloat that she's older than me, and has already hit 34. :) Payback is sweet! :)

I am really having a good time with these posts. I get to walk down memory lane and force you to come along! :)

Hope your Monday is a good one!


neicybelle said...

my favorite commercial is a sick, but that's what kind of sense of humor that i premiered on the super bowl two or three years ago..."doctor, what's wrong with the patient?" "He's got money coming out the wazoo!" all of these people with money flying out of the was some kind of finance or insurance company..."He's got money coming out the wazoo!" cracks me up...

neicybelle said...

also, I don't know if I could've handled a girl for a friend like that's cool that you didn't let jealousy get in the way. how fun that you're still friends!