Monday, June 26, 2006

IBC: A Form of Breast Cancer. Who Knew?

I got an email from a friend that alarmed me. It was a link to a website...and a video...regarding a form of breast cancer that I had never heard anything about. It is a cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Mammagrams don't detect it. Self breast exams also do not help with early detection, because no lumps occur with this type of cancer. Having watched the video, I felt like the information was important enough to pass along.

So often I become angry about the lack of information available to women...and people in general...about health issues. I've taken medication in the past that caused problems that I didn't even know were potential side effects. Doctors either don't know or don't have time to discuss these details with their patients.

Even my recent surgery in February...I didn't know that simply having children can cause the problems I had. I had never heard of the conditions I suffered from. Are people too shy to ask questions? Or like me, are they just in their own little worlds, not knowing?

Anyway, if for some reason, you can't load the video, by going to the website listed below, you should be able to read up on general information about the disease. I highly encourage you to do so, then share what you know with the women in your life. What if we save one woman's life down the line somewhere with this information? What if it prevented someone from losing a daughter...a sister...a mom...a wife or a friend? I know taking the time to share this knowledge would be worth the inconvenience of a few clicks of the mouse.

The video is a bit graphic in some parts, but I think it is extremely worthwhile.

Click here: komo Video Player

The IBC website is:

I will post more later.

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PJ said...

Wow! That was a great video. Thanks for sharing. I'd never heard of it either but I will pass the word around.

neicybelle said...

That was one of the scariest things I've ever seen and read...I hate when doctors won't listen to women...we know when there's something wrong! Thanks for passing that on!!