Friday, April 7, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

I'm hoping it's done raining for the day. I see sun starting to try to peak through the clouds. Maybe we'll end up with a rainbow....that would make this a great Friday....even though Good Friday isn't until next week. Rob is off next Friday, lucky him. We don't get Good Friday off here. We do get a week off between Christmas and New Year's, so I can't complain. The kids will be off as well, so Rob should have plenty to keep him busy on his day off.
Springtime, what I've been wishing for all these months is getting underway. The signs of springtime are everywhere. The tulips are starting to bloom in the yard. I've painted the bathroom as well as one of the bedrooms. The whole family's all been doing some much needed spring cleaning. I saw a dove nesting in one of our pine trees the other day. I brushed the dogs really good just the other day, as they are shedding their heavy winter coats. Even the colors of the clothing in the stores are pastels and whites again.
I love to see the winter end! It can't come soon enough for me! I truly enjoy the warm weather and get so much more done. To make it even better, with Easter being later in the spring this year, there's a chance for a nice sunny Easter Sunday. One can only hope.

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