Thursday, March 9, 2006

Carlito: The New Kid on the Ark

Pictured above is our living, breathing, moving, barking stuffed animal, Carlito. He is so large and cuddly and cute that he almost looks surreal. Yet he is real, and very much a puppy. Chewing, barking, mess making. Yet so endearing I was hooked the first time I looked at him. If I bring any more animals home, I may find myself in divorce court. But, here he is, narrowly making the cut that allowed me to bring him in to the fold.
So, now it's three dogs, (who are all boys who are going to be nuetered this month)... three cats (all nuetered or spayed!) a guinea pig...who is not going to be altered in any way...a BETA fish who is over a year old now and still thriving and two hermit crabs. No birds. Jess and I are afraid of birds. Not afraid of them hurting us, but she's afraid of the talking ones, and I get nervous when they fly suddenly or try to pull at stuff like glasses or earrings or anything near my face. So we will remain birdless.

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