Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm No Scrooge, but I Sure am Glad it's Over!

Wheh! Another Christmas is behind us! I am half ashamed to say that, but that is the truth as I see it. Boy, is that tiring! I just about work myself into a frazzle, and I'm not even one of those moms who bake for two months prior to the holiday!

It's just the Christmas pageants, family parties, work gift exchanges, etc, etc. It just adds to the already breakneck pace of our lives. There are beautiful moments intertwined that make it all worthwhile.....just fewer and farther between as the kids get older. With teenagers, if they crack a grin, chances are they're up to something.

One noteworthy event is that we're cat sitting our former cat, Sarah Jane. Back in 2001, my boss and dear friend lost her cat to cancer. At that same time I was struggling with asthma attacks on a daily basis, and cat dander was found to be one culprit. My boss came to visit, Sarah Jane loved all over her, and it became clear that a solution for both of us was at hand. We could all still see Sarah Jane, but my health wouldn't be continually risked by having her indoors.

So since then my asthma symptoms are few and far between, and Sarah Jane is thriving. Sarah was six when Brenda took her, and she looks basically the same, except for a few extra pounds. We kept her once before when my boss was on vacation, and this time she is moving in to a new house, so it's easier for us to keep Sarah. This lessens the risks that Sarah will try to dart out of the house during furniture moves.

It's fun having her around. She's mellowed a whole lot since we last kept her. She's still got the same silky grey fur that is long and beautiful.

Other than that, I'm enjoying a week off...and sleeping in a lot.

At least Christmas is over! We got through it, thank heavens!

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