Friday, November 18, 2005

Taz the Court Jester

I've decided to go with my moods for awhile in an effort to get through this new phase of grief in my life. My little baby puppy, Taz, who we got in August, has been like a psychologist, psychiatrist, grief counselor, comic relief specialist and court jester to me. When he got sick with Parvo, I quickly realized how much I missed him when he was in the hospital on an i.v. drip for a week. I am so happy to have my little lap dog again. I know now even partially immunized puppies are at risk, and the disease can live for months in the atmosphere. Scary stuff.

Anyway, he's part Chihuahua and part Blue Heeler, which is hilarious. He tries to herd the cats, and since they're 3 times bigger than him, they don't go for it. He was so little when we got him that the herding instinct almost got him hurt since he was constantly running under our feet. We finally got him some bells for his collar, which was his saving grace.

The Chihuahua in him, I've noticed, gives him the shivering thing, even though he has fluffy hair; so I got out my measuring tape and called upon both my 4-H sewing skills from way back in my childhood as well as my grandmom's stash of thread and fabric and fumbled around until I had made a little jacket for him. I have to finish it yet, but it's nearly there, complete with convenient snaps for putting it on him. It has gotten so cold outside this week, that until I get that done he's been banned from outdoor potty breaks and the puppy pads are it for him. He can't stand using the puppy pads; he looks from the door to me like I'm playing some sort of cruel joke on him. He'll hold it until he realizes he isn't going out, and then he'll reluctantly use the pads.

When I was making the jacket, Jo-Jo said, "Mom, make him some boots, too." I don't think the boots are going to happen, but I was thinking, "What's next? A scarf? A warm up suit?" Little dogs in spiffy little outfits always used to annoy me, but I've made him something basic just to keep him warm. I still can't believe I'm a dog person now. How he creeped up on me and took my heart is still a mystery to me.

I thought I'd share a photo of the little guy. Maybe later, just so they don't get jealous, I'll post some photos of the cat clan. Wouldn't want them to feel left out, since at heart, I really still am a cat person. Really.

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