Friday, November 18, 2005

So the Cats Don't Revolt

Tiga wants in on the action!

Sheba has it made!

So that the cats don't get jealous and revolt, here's my tribute to them, my first love: felines.

Tiga was hanging around while I was taking the kids' annual fall picture, and he seemed quite interested in the whole process. So, when the kids got up and moved on, he decided he'd like to hop up on the chair and see what all the excitement was about.

The photo of Sheba is one of my favorites, although the only drawback is one can't see her absolutely gorgeous green eyes from that angle. She just looks so relaxed and carefree in that picture.

The next step is to get a better photo of Leo, the gray tiger who was dropped out last November at the country house. At the time, no one was living there, but I was out taking care of the place when I found Leo and his sister, Piper in the barn. It was so cold, and I knew the babies wouldn't survive the winter, so I brought them in (after several scratches and bites from their little tiny claws and mini teeth) and kept them in a large dog crate until I decided what I should do with them. I wasn't successful placing them through the Humane Society, so Leo ended up staying. Piper has since gone to live with my mother-in-law., who has renamed her Pepper.

The first place I tried to place Piper was with my step sister. L had her in her crate, all ready to go, but the door to the carrier wasn't fastened right, and out jumped Piper. She ran up a tree and L had to leave without her. So we all concluded that it wasn't meant to be.

The other two cats we claim were two of Mom's that we couldn't place. Like ours, they're spayed and nuetered. They stay in the barn, primarily, and aren't much for socializing. They prefer a quick meal on the run and I'm the only one who can touch either of them. Mom could get them to sit in her lap, but they haven't quite warmed up to me all the way. Some days the twelve year old male will let me pet him and other days he won't. So I will most likely never get them to sit still for a picture. At least they're no longer hissing at me the moment they see me.

Until I get Leo's new photo, these pictures will have to do. I simply refuse to post photos of our hermit crabs. They're just not all that cuddly.

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