Tuesday, June 12, 2007

YouTube rambling

I checked on YouTube, and they said that due to the high volume of video posting since yesterday (? something in the air ?) that videos would not show up as quickly as normal, and to bear with them. I'm starting to wonder if their system crashed, because mine was "uploaded successfully" last night and is still not showing up. ;) Weird.

I let the family see it before posting it, and Robert actually laughed out loud. That was my "sign" to go ahead with it. If I had it on my work computer, I'd just go ahead and post it on my blog from there. Alas, I did the video from home.

I used Windows movie maker. It's not a professional video, but it was fun to make. I've been wanting to work on it and post it since last fall. Takes me a while to get to personal projects, since Robert and I are personal nonstop taxi service for two teenagers and one nine year old. Not to mention that we are car sharing, and have been for months. This does help us with budgeting during these crazy gas prices. It's alot easier to budget gas money for a car than it is to budget for a car and an Astro van.

However, did I mention I have to get up at 4 am so that Robert can be at work by 5 am? Then I go lay down in the conference room until it's time for me to start work.... Did I mention that he has to hang around town until I get off at 5 pm, and then we start our evening? Did I mention that this is getting on both of our nerves? Did I mention that we don't use credit cards, so I have to save up money for auto repairs, so nothing gets done in a timely manner? Did I mention that I almost have the money saved to get the repairs on the van done? We're within a week of having two cars again! (God willing and the creek don't rise...) haha! YAY! Now that the van is close to being worked on, I have to start saving for brakes for the car. Sigh. At least we don't have a car payment right now. That's good.

But I digress....

In other news, I feel really good, and my blood pressure is still normal. I'm so happy! I have so much more energy than I have had in months!

Jess has her last softball game on Friday! Hallelujah for that!

My friend, Wyn's step mom (who lives right around the block from us), called yesterday. She asked me if Josh would like some clothes that her son, Tom, left behind when he moved to Massachusetts. I said, "sure!" We went and got them yesterday. Shorts, jeans, shirts, sweaters, etc.! Boy, Tom had good taste in clothes! I can't imagine this is his "castoff" stuff! Josh was happy, I was happy. What a blessing! Saves me money in the long run!

Other than that, nothing major. I had Jo with me at work yesterday. He was so good. Just played quietly, watched t.v., and ate his food/snacks. Sometimes I just go back and look in on him, just to smile at him. He's growing up so fast! I try to cherish was little time left I have before he turns into a teenager, too. :)

Okay, I'm outta here for now. I hope the video is up soon. If it isn't up by the time I leave here tonight, I'm going to try to resend it another way from home.

Hope you're having a good day!



pat said...

Having a great day !!!!!!

neicybelle said...

i love bringing amy to work with me...i just love spending time with her...she's my baby, as jo is yours...and there is something special about spending time iwth them...