Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank You

I want to send a note of thanks out to one of my friends who silently reads my blog and then emails me or talks to me in person, rather than posting comments to my blog. I have a couple of those kind of friends out there. While I'm at it, I will also say "thank you" to April for the lovely card, as well. ;)

But I want to thank my one friend for the very thoughtful gifts. I'm not going to call you out here or be too specific, but what touched me so deeply is this: You listened. You listened to me, even when I didn't know you were listening, and your gifts reflected that. I am touched and I want you to know that. Thank you so much.

More later, I hope...if I ever get caught up! Geez! ;)


neicybelle said...

i have a few people who read my blog, then comment to me by instant messenger or by phone...i call them my "haunters" *smile*

friends are awesome, aren't they?

pat said...

Have a great weekend.