Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Remember my "Most Embarrasing" Posts?

There for awhile I was doing a series of posts on my most embarrassing moments. I was sitting here, and one just came to me. It wasn't really embarrassing in a public way, but more in a personal way.

I really did live a very sheltered life in many ways. One thing I took for granted in my young life is a simple task: My grandmother always bought my underwear for me. (Could that be why I had so many "bloomers" in my underwear drawer?) ;)

Well into my twenties, Grandma bought me underwear and socks for every single birthday. It was kind of a nice, especially when I was struggling to make ends meet as a young wife and mom with two babies. I never had to worry about that clothing expense. I just had to focus on keeping my kids in diapers! ;)

That being said, when Robert and I got together, I took over the buying of his underwear. Seemed like something we just got used to doing. Like mother, like daughter. That's what I bought Robert for birthdays. Socks and underwear. And sometimes shirts and pants.

Anyway, one year my grandmother decided that she was bored with the socks and underwear thing. She was done with it where I was concerned. She started buying me small appliances: an ice tea maker....a good blender...etc. She began buying socks and underwear for the kids. She was a practical thinker where gift-giving was concerned.

So, logically, I had to start buying socks and underwear for myself.

The first time I went to buy myself underwear, I used the same logic buying panties that I did buying Robert's undies. If a man's underwear is sized just like their pants are, women's must be, too. Right? For example, Robert wore a size 34 jean. So his underwear was like 34/36.

I wore a size 12 jean at the time. So, I should buy a size 12 pantie, too. That was my logic.

I didn't read the package.

Reading the package would have been a good plan, right?

I picked up what looked like 6-7 pairs of panties in a pack. I took them home.

I opened the package.

Low and behold, I quickly learned that a size 12 pant size does not equal a size 12 pantie ....

There were two pairs of underwear in this very large package.

I held them up for inspection. I thought I had bloomers before! Wow. I could dust a baby grand piano with those all in one swipe.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson that day.

a.) always read the package
b.) never assume anything
c.) no one I know wears a size 12 pantie
d.) be thankful for wise grandmas who know how to buy underwear

Okay, that's it. Have a good day. More later.


Elliemarie said...

LOL!! What a great story. I wish I wore the same dress size as my underwear size, lol.

Holli said...

LOL! That is so funny.
thanks for sharing your funnies and please know that we laugh with you not at you!

neicybelle said...

lol!! thank you for the laugh!