Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick Post

Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm back to work and swamped. I had a great trip: we got a lot accomplished and training went well. We also did some sight seeing/relaxing and way too much eating out. However, it wasn't fast food and I made some good food choices. I drank lots of water and cranberry juice along the way! ;)

I will post some photos soon. Tennessee really is a lovely state.

Today I've been crying and regrouping off and on throughout the afternoon. My Uncle Ron has had some unexpected family emergencies arise and he's had to ask me to reschedule my trip to Georgia to visit him. I'm so disappointed, but some potential other travel plans are in the works. Depending on some varying factors, all of this may work out to be even better than I had planned.

When we were in Tennessee, it was so stifling hot (and I hate hot) I actually said, "Why don't I go south in the winter like the birds do?" Turns out, we have a plant shutdown the week between Christmas and New Year's, like we have for the last two years. It looks like I may be able to go to Georgia right after Christmas if we play our cards right. We'll see....God willing and the creek don't rise.

I told Uncle Ron, "Look, my only draw to the state of Georgia is you and your family. That's the only reason it's my second favorite state in the US." I've been there. This is just my opinion, okay, so I hope not to offend anyone, but: It's dusty, hot, there isn't a whole lot of anything scenic to explore: and I'm taken aback at how there are very few flowers or anything colorful there...other than the red earth. Now, granted, there may be lots more to see in other parts of Georgia that I haven't explored. For me, it's just not the prettiest state I've ever seen.

So, this may work out even better....stay tuned for developing news...;)

Hope you're having a good day where you are.



Holli said...

Oh! You haven't been to the right parts of Georgia. I LOVE Ga!
I love Alabama more and I do love TN but I love NC the most! It has mountains and lakes and ocean!
Georgia does have this place called Stone Mountain and it's really a neat place to visit!
Glad you are back and I'll pray that God blesses your travel plans whatever they end up being!

neicybelle said...

southern georgia...nothing but pine trees and spanish moss...but occasionally you come across a nice spot...the okefenokee is a fun spot...
gene used to call atlanta, "hotlanta"...it is hot and humid there...
am so glad you got back from your trip ok...have been missing you!
am sorry to hear your trip plans have been rearranged...i know how that feels...but christmas is a great time to go south...so hope it all works out for you!