Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Oh Yeah...and One Other Thing....

I simply forgot to mention something that I think was an important part of my weekend.

I don't recommend movies a lot here. I think a movie I might love may be just so-so to someone else. Although I do appreciate movie recommendations myself, so I think maybe I'll start giving my person "two thumbs up or thumbs down" here.

Sunday afternoon, I finally saw "Pursuit of Happyness." First of all, I have to say that sometimes I purposely avoid movies like this. Why? Because they are hard to watch. I love "fluff" movies. Movies where you laugh, don't have to think much, and walk away feeling better. After all, I have a lot of ups and downs in my own life, and when I watch a movie, I usually want to be entertained without having to think.

This was not one of those movies. It was a difficult movie to watch.

For that reason, it changed my life just a little bit.

I was sad. I was a bit depressed. I was inspired. I was humbled.

Robert watched it, and he felt the same.

So I'm going on record ;) to say: Watch it. If you don't feel inspired by it, then you've only wasted a few hours. If you do feel inspired, it could change your life...perhaps by making one day better or by changing your outlook on things on a permanent level.

That's it for now.


Holli said...

thanks - I've been wanting to watch it but been waiting for a I need to cry day.

J.F. said...

That's playing at the second run theater a block from my house, maybe I'll check it out/ have you guys ever checked out Magnolia? That's my movie suggestion Kristi and it will defintely make you feel some serious stuff in a good way.

neicybelle said...

i've heard it was a good movie...i've had several people recommend it. maybe i'll wait until it comes out on video...