Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You Can Hear a Pin Drop

Geez! It's so quiet around here. Everyone left by 3:00 this afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I get a lot of work done around here when it's quiet like this. It's almost eerie, though. There isn't even any noise out in the plant. It reminds me of that Arby's commercial, "Where'd Everybody Go?!?!?!" that was on a few years back. Remember that one?

Okay, I've got too much work to do to be blogging. Lots and lots of work do to. So, hi and bye for now. Hope you're having a swell Wednesday.



J.F. said...

With no one around you can do whatever you want right? I love when nobody's in my office with me, but your coworkers are probably less obnoxious. Hope you're doing well!

neicybelle said...

i tell everyone how busy i am...busy busy busy...and then they see that i blogged while i was work...oops...i tell them it's a nice stress relieving break...that works...right?