Thursday, March 8, 2007

In "Link Order," starting with neicybelle

I figured I'd start my "Ten Things I Like About You" posts in "link" order, which is how folks appear on my "Blogs I Like to Read" list. Right now I'm limiting this to folks that I read their blog, they read mine. See how selfish I am? :) Then I'll go from there. I know that it's going to be really hard to limit these lists to ten only. So, since I don't have any idea what some of you look like, out of fairness, I'm going to stick to things I like about my blogger peep's personalities. Okay? Here we go:


  1. I like your passion for nature. It's contagious!
  2. I think you are a great mom and it shows!
  3. You have a spirit of perserverance, which I admire.
  4. I respect that you are an honest woman. That's a rare quality these days.
  5. You are adventuresome. I wish I could be more advenuresome myself!
  6. I think it's so cool that you work at a radio station. What a neat job!
  7. You have a wonderful imagination; the art and pictures you share on your blog inspire me!
  8. You are very giving and generous at heart.
  9. You have a unique and beautiful spirituality.
  10. You are gifted at cultivating relationships and nurturing them to maturity. It's one of my favorite things about you.

Okay, that's my first blogger peep. I just want to say if you feel so led, take this idea to your own blog. Kindness begats kindness. Ya never know, we may get something started here. The world can use a little extra kindness, dontcha think?


neicybelle said...

thank you so very much, kris...i needed to hear some good things about me...i've been taking so much flack lately from my girls and towns people...thank you for reminding me that i do have some worth...

Elliemarie said...

It's all true, Neicy! You are an amazing woman and never let anyone make you think less of yourself.

Holli said...

I agree! You are strong and your faith remains so strong and postive!
You are an inspiration!