Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'll Take What I Can Get

Today I got a text message from Josh around lunch time. It said, "How is ur day going?" I sat in stunned silence for awhile. At first I was sure that he erroneously texted me instead of one of his friends. (He's quite popular; he's likeable and friendly with his peers....the temper he has he usually reserves for those of us at home.)

But when I texted him back with "Fine. U?" he replied back again. It seems the text was meant for me after all.

Shocking. At this point, I was sure he only thought of me when he needed a paper signed or when he needed a ride from practice or if he needed lunch money or if I got on his nerves by asking him to help carry in groceries. Hmmm.

Perhaps there is hope for our relationship yet.


Elliemarie said...

Your son loves you, Kris. Never doubt that.

And how could he not, with how awesome you are :). Hugs!

PJ said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! That is SO COOL! I'm really happy for you Kris.

pat said...

I agree with Elliemarie. Your son does love you though at times it may be difficult for him to express it in the proper way. Hold on to those few precious moments because it will be those moments which guide you through the rough spots.

Holli said...

He's a teenager. It's totally uncool to let anyone know that he loves you! LOL!
I remember the days - I was the same way.
He does love you and in about 10 years he'll be all about letting you know it!

neicybelle said...

how nice! like holli says...he is a sister has a teenage son...he's a good kid, but she complains about how distant he has become...but his friends and job come first in his life...embrace these moments!