Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Josh

Sixteen years ago on a cold March afternoon, Josh entered the world. I was eighteen years of age, turning nineteen in July.

Josh was born on a Tuesday. The following weekend was Easter weekend. The day we left the hospital, (which I think was Thursday) Robert came bearing so many gifts that he had to make two trips to get them all. There was a huge Easter basket for me, a bunny, candy and flowers (tulips), and a card that said, "You did good, Mommy." There was a tiny stuffed lamb and a card for Josh. I still have the card in his baby book.

I'll never forget what the card said.

On one side it said, "What a parent says....." and the other side said, "What a parent means."

What a parent says: "Are you going out without a coat?" What a parent means: "If you go out without a coat you might get sick and die and then I'll miss you." What a parent says: "Did you finish your homework?" What a parent means: "If you don't do your homework you might fail school, drop out, end up homeless and get sick and die and I'll miss you." It was a cute card. In the center it says, "What a parent says: I love you. What a parent means: I love you." :) Still makes me smile just thinking about it.

On my way home, it was snowing. There was snow on Easter that year.

Being so young, I was full of energy and pep after Josh was born. I went to pick up a prescription the day I was released from the hospital. I ended up getting fussed at by a lady in line at the pharmacy. I remember her telling me that I should not be out "galavanting about" just "days" after I gave birth. I wondered what the big deal was. I felt great! Those were the days.....

That's my trip down memory lane.

Happy Birthday, son. Here's hoping for better days ahead for us.


Holli said...

Happy birthday to Josh and praying that this will be your best year yet!

neicybelle said...

happy birthday josh!