Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday at Long Last!

I am ready to sleep in tomorrow! Anyone else feel like hibernating?

I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm still on track with my working out/eating right. The drama that took place last Wednesday seems like it happened forever ago. Is that a coping mechanism? Weird. I feel as if perhaps it never happened at all or that it happened to someone else. Almost like I watched a movie, but wasn't personally involved in the situation. I am so grateful that the emotional sting has subsided.

Yesterday my mother-in-law called me, because the incident had filtered its way back to her. She wanted to know the facts about what happened. Robert doesn't tell his family much. In fact, I talk to them more than he does. For years, my mother-in-law and I were extremely close. We're not as close as we were, but we still care about each other a great deal.

She was there the first time this happened, so she has seen Josh's temper at its worst. I told her what happened this time, in short, and she was very supportive. She said she is glad he's getting some help, but that she is shocked that he would do such a violent thing. She said that I've been a good mom, and that he just doesn't know how "good he has it." She said she thinks whatever the courts give him, he deserves, even if it means future jail time if he regresses. She agrees that he needs therapy and medication.

It was nice to know that she supports me, because Josh is her first grandson. She kept him a lot as a baby while I was at work, and they were quite close up to his elementary years. She's been concerned, as I have, about his temper over the last several years. It's nice to know that she feels I've been a good parent, because often mothers-in-law aren't their daughters-in-law's biggest fans.

But things are starting to seem normal again in my life. I went to a crop last night. Afterwards, I had to pick up some stuff at the store and get gas in the van, so I didn't get home until around midnight. Then I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up reading until 1ish. I'm kinda sleepy today, but not entirely wiped out.

Last night's crop was good. Both Sheila and Bipsy made it, and a fellow cropper that I've been enjoying talking with over the last few years was there. She missed going for awhile when she had her second child, and I missed a lot when Grandma was sick. Now we're both coming pretty regularly, and we always enjoy talking. I think we talk more than we work, but that's half the fun. I understand she's moving back to Chicago...her husband is still in the military, though she didn't reinlist...and they have to go where his job takes them. If she does leave, I will miss talking with her.

Tonight is Josh's teams last home game. Ironically, they will be having, "Thank you, Mom" night. It entails each Mom standing up in the gym and each son handing their mom a rose. It is truly a sweet sentiment. Ironic timing. Nice sentiment.

I thought I'd try to post some pictures of my last Build-A-Bear that I promised to post a few weeks back. I'm really tired of the depressing direction my blog has recently headed in. I use this blog to deal with life, but I think the worst is over now. I can find a happier topic to post about for awhile. :)

Like I said, it's Friday at last, so have an awesome weekend! Hope it's just as relaxing and fun as you need it to be! If you're watching the Superbowl, enjoy! I'm pulling for the Colts, myself. I'm not a big fan but I want to see Peyton get a win. And Coach Dungy, who's had it rough the last few years. So, Go Colts! ;)

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neicybelle said...

it's good to hear from you...i'm glad your mother-in-law is supportive...i'm also glad you got out and had a good time at the crop!