Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Anyone Have Any Toothpicks?

I am so tired! I need some toothpicks to hold my eyes open! Ugh!

We got the dogs after work last night, ended up getting 3 fines for a.) them getting loose- "failure to confine" and b.) for them chasing the cattle....aka "cattle menacing." It's okay, I was happy to pay the money to get my boys back. I'm just going to have to assume they can get out of our fence and that they can't be trusted to come in and out of the house without strict supervision. They're like having toddlers that you can't take your eyes off of! ;) I am just happy that no animals were harmed in the making of their adventure!

But otherwise, they were happy to see us and good as gold after we got them home. I spent a good part of the night cutting burrs out of Carlito's coat. As usual, he fell asleep while I was cutting his hair. He weighs about 85-95 lbs, so it's amusing to try to work with him limp like a noodle. I take his front and back paws and use them to flip him over. He doesn't budge. He has a really bad hair cut, but it's not too short. Some of the burrs were really irritating him.

Today there is a Level 2 snow emergency. I guess the only reason they want people on the road is for them to go to work or urgent travel. The kids are off school for the third consecutive day. Monday and Tuesday they were out due to below freezing temperatures.

Ohio winters! Gotta love them! Darn that groundhog that said we'd have an early spring! I think he was disoriented by the flashbulbs! ;)

I'm trying to keep on task so I can get my work done. The sun is out, and it's not snowing, so I think that is a positive thing.

I hope you're managing to stay warm and safe! Just think, we're halfway to the weekend already! Yay for that!

More later.


Elliemarie said...

Is it really bad that I got "Who let the dogs out?" stuck in my head after reading this? I need help...

I swear, local governments will do anything to make money. Like you intentionally let the dogs loose to chase cattle. Good grief.

Be very careful driving out there! It sounds pretty scary. It's just freaking cold here, but not much snow. Hope you are having a good week!

Kristi K. said...

Funny, because I had that song on my mind the whole time I was looking for the rascals! ;)

The local Animal Control Officers remind me of the cops on Reno 9-1-1., if you've ever seen that show.

Truly. They are puffy, red faced baffoons that wear their pants up around their ears and think they are gods among men. They treated me like I had axe murdered an entire village of blind orphans or something. I'm sorry.

It's mean, but true. The head of the outfit is our neighbor, and every day he passes me wildly on the way to work, and drives like a bat out of Hades. I estimate he drives 80 mph on those back roads, at least. He, too, is an arrogant so and so. The only nice person at that joint is the lady dispatcher. She was totally sweet.

The guy that headed up that agency before my neighbor did was convicted on drug charges. They all think they ARE the law and it's extremely irritating.
The way they act, it's a wonder more people don't surrender their dogs and give up trying to keep them. They show no mercy to the pet owners and make them feel like criminals.
Ahhh, I said my piece, and I feel much better.
Here, Ellie, you can have your machete back. Thanks for letting me borrow it! ;)

neicybelle said...

we've had below zero temps and all this snow and our kids still have's crazy...

so glad the family is back together again!

they sound like our park cops

Holli said...

Oh your comments are as funny as your posts! Yes, I've dealt w/ the county dog warden before in a different county and they are all the same! You know my hubby is a deputy and he has to deal with our dog warden. He has not one single kind word to say about that man. He is lazy no good s.o.b. according to my hubby. The guy won't make any special trips for anything! They apparently are all the same everywhere you go. DORKS!
OH! And I'm so glad that I've had 2 1/2 days off. Make it through today and then it's Friday! WOW!
Of course, I've burnt up ALL my leave now and have to work the next 10000 days in a row. LOL!

J.F. said...

That's good that they gave your dogs back and it didn't become a huge problem. Dogs can do nutty things sometimes, although the image of your dogs chasing cows sounds pretty cool!
Your kids are lucky that they get to miss school for low temps, that would rock. I hope the groundhog was right. I can put up with winter just a bit longer. Have a great day!