Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anxiety Inspired Poetry

I will admit I am totally not coping well with my stress right now. Not by my standards. I haven't gone screaming down the road yet. I haven't turned to illegal drugs or alcohol. I haven't went off the deep end and had my head shaved in public. I haven't used a machete on my coworkers. ;) (Although I did dump upon one coworker rather harshly and kind of unfairly earlier in the week.) I haven't flipped anyone off or went into a tirade of profanity. Yet.

However, I must say the anxiety is at a high level, brewing and bubbling around inside of me. I am doing what I can to keep it at bay. I'm breathing. Listening to mellow music. Finally, the darkness has inspired me to write poetry. I am most creative when I am down. I can barely write a word when I'm bubbly and joyful.

Therefore, I've posted one poem to my oft-neglected poetry blog. Something tells me there will be more to follow.

It helps. It really does.


Holli said...

Well - you are already doing better than I would!
Everyone around me would've lost their heads by now and the profanity would make a sailor blush. Good for you for being an awesome woman of God and taking your stress out healthy-ily (is that a word) by writing!

Elliemarie said...

If it helps, I say go for it. I'm with Holli-I would have whacked everyone's heads off by now, lol. It's great that you have a creative outlet for venting your stress. Hang in there and know that I'm thinking of you!

J.F. said...

Lucky for me I got to whack away at thick ice last time I was really stressed. It was very cathartic to get that energy out and get something done in the process. There's a great quote I have to find for you about the best creativity coming from feeling extremely negative or uneasy. I'll get back to you on that :)