Friday, January 19, 2007

I Feel Good...Like I Knew That I Would, Yeah!

I am amazed at just how good I feel in only five short days since I started THE NOTEBOOK!

I am neither physically nor emotionally tired. I don't feel like taking a nap at my desk. I have been much more productive, my thoughts are less befuddled....I can function!

Today for lunch I had a whole wheat tortilla, with six thin slices of deli chicken breast, 2 teaspoons of Ranch dressing and a handful of romaine lettuce on it. It was yummy! I had a light yogurt along with it and some light fruit juice. It's so nice to put actual fuel in my body instead of stuff that bogs it down.

I haven't felt better in a long time. After I work out, I feel even better. I am so glad I have made this change!

Today the sun is shining, and the sky is blue with some fluffy clouds floating by. Yahoo weather tells me it's only 30 degrees here, but it looks like a spring day from inside the office.

Bipsy is on vacation. She's going to be snoeshoeing where it's like minus 10 degrees! Whoa! She'll get a lot of exercise in, but I gotta say I'm not envying her right now. I'd go somewhere tropical in a heartbeat if I could. I do miss the conversation in the office, though. It seems so empty in here. Actually, it is empty. So I guess that's why it seems empty, huh? :)

Rob....who I am no longer gonna call Rob because people keep teasing me about it....ROBERT is his name. Most people call him Robert, except for a few of his siblings, who do call him Rob. The reason I started calling him ROB here is simply to save three keystrokes each time I typed his name. But I can no longer take the eye rolling and teasing from my local peeps, so ROBERT it is from now on. ;)

ANYWAY, Robert called me today and said that he wants to take me out to dinner tonight. He says he misses being just Kris and ROBERT and not "Mom and Dad" or hard working employees or whatever. Sometimes it's nice just to focus on us as a couple.

So, he's left it up to me to figure out where I want to go. Decisions, decisions. I have a terrible habit of going to the same places all the time, finding a favorite dish and eating it every time. Today I want to challenge myself to get past that and try something new. A rut is not where I want to dwell. So, we'll see where I end up.

Last night I didn't work out because I had a CM meeting, and a crop right after work. It was a good time, and I got to hang out with Sandy and Sheila and Sheila's friend, Wendy. Laughter and frivolity flowed with ease. I didn't get much done, because I did too much talking, but it was a good time. :)

Last night Sandy was telling me that people can order CM products from me directly off my website if I sign up for a $10 a month web manager program. I have a lady who buys CM products from me and sends them to Connecticut to her daughter-in-law for various occasions, so I was thinking she might benefit from such a site.

If I incorporated this web page, folks could look up new products on my site, place an order and have the items shipped directly to their homes. So, it wouldn't matter where they live, I could still be their CM consultant. They could pay by credit card, which is something they can't do with me in person. It would also save me the delivery time and scheduling difficulties. I've never been one for "home classes" and pushing products on folks, even though I love CM stuff myself, because I know how very little time people have. So, I'm mulling the idea around in my head, and you may see a link for my site appear here later this month or next. It's a thought.

I've been rambling on...but haven't asked yet: how are you today? What's exciting in your life? Any major plans for the next few days?

I look forward to hearing from you; in the meantime, have a great weekend!


Elliemarie said...

You sound so happy and lively-I'm glad your Notebook plan is having such a positive impact on you!

The CM website sounds like a very cool idea, and $10 a month doesn't seem too steep. Let me know how it goes!

Have an awesome weekend and I hope you and Robert have a fabulous dinner out!

Holli said...

You do sound like your cheery self the Kris I know and love!
I want to still buy stuff from you because the delivery is the only time I ever get to see you! :-) But really, sounds like it could really benefit you being online.
I LOVE Max & Erma's and that's to far from the house. And if you love banana creme pie they have a HUGE one! I do hope you have a GREAT time tonight. You deserve it. Sure wish my husband would think of these things!

PJ said...

I love the Notebook idea! And I'm happy to hear it's working. I've been praying for you to feel better about food/working out, etc.

I can't wait to hear where you went to eat and about your time together! You guys have such a special relationship.