Thursday, November 2, 2006

I Love "The Tick!"

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Last night Rob went to watch the Cav's basketball game at a local BW3s...I ran the kids around, and then when I got home, I watched a couple dvd episodes of the live action show, "The Tick." It just cracks me up! The way he says things is just hilarious.

Two notable quotes from last night's episodes:

"Destiny dressed you this morning and now fear is trying to pull of your pants."

and (since fear seemed to be a theme):

"Don't let fear's bad apple spoil your barrel of virtue."

I loved the cartoon version that used to be on, too. They had a character called, "The Chameleon." His special power was to blend in to whatever he was touching. On one episode, he's crawling on the wall and tries to crawl over some multicolored pattern. He freezes up, falls on the floor, moaning: "Can'"

To this day, when I'm talking about something I'd rather not do, I say to Rob, "Can'" And he laughs, knowing just what I'm talking about. ;)


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oh my gosh!! that's too funny!