Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Baby is Sooo Stinkin' Cute!

I know it's sounds like I'm bragging....actually, I am bragging.

My eight year old, who will be nine in a few weeks, is still very much a mommy's boy. And a daddy's boy. He doesn't like to be away from us much. I must confess, I don't mind that at all.

I have two teenagers who are determined to go their own way, and only call on mom if they need something. I stayed at home with them when they were babies and toddlers most of the time. They were born 17 months apart, and were delightful babies! When I did work, Rob and I worked it out so that we worked different shifts, and one of us was always home with them. They've never had a babysitter or been in daycare. When someone watched them other than us, it was always a family member.

When Jess was little, she was very sick. I had to give her three breathing treatments a day, as well as treatments to keep her lungs clear. This involved pounding on her back in various places for 1/2 hour three times a day with a rubber "thumper," as we called it. At first her pulmonary specialist thought she had cystic fibrosis. Thank God, she did not. Two surgeries corrected her problems, and she is in perfect health today.

Anyway, it's not always easy watching them grow more and more independent. I know it's in their best interest not to squelch their growing independence. It won't be too much longer that they'll be out on their own. I want them to be able to spread their wings and soar.

But, I'll confess that it is nice to have one child who is still happy to be under his parents' wings.

I'm actually getting to my point, here.

We found a really cool Batman costume for Jo that was on clearance for $9. The evil empire, Walmart, really does help us out sometimes. :)

Anyway, it lights up, has built in "muscles," and the cape attaches to the mask. It's super cool.

Jo really loves it! Every day after school he comes home, races into the house and puts it on. He leaves it on until bedtime. He runs and plays outside with it on. He eats his dinner with it on. He rides with me to pick up the other two from their various activities with it on.

He really looks adorable in it. He has the perfect eyes and mouth for the suit.

However, his older brother and sister are not amused by his antics. They try to talk him out of wearing it. They tell him it makes him look silly to wear it everywhere. They tell him he will get it too dirty to wear for Halloween. They tell him he's going to tear it up. They tell him they don't want to be seen by their friends with a little brother running around in a Batman suit weeks before Halloween.

He doesn't care. No amount of their teasing will convince him to take it off. He's happy, because this weekend, his job at our toy shop is to hand out candy while wearing his suit. He's all excited about that!

Rob asked him, "Who are you Jo?" and Jo said, "Batman." in a very matter of fact voice. Rob says, "No, no, you can't just say, 'Batman,' like that! You've got to say it with style!" So, they spent the next few minutes practicing saying it.....

"Who are you?"

"I'm....Batman!" (Theatrical whispered tone, as in the movie, 'Batman Returns,' I think it was.)

It's just too stinkin' cute for words! ;)

I've got to get a picture of him in this suit. Seeing is believing.

Hope you're having a good day there, and that all of the evil villains in your life are tied up on the rooftop, thwarted by a masked super hero. :) I know mine are!


neicybelle said...

oh my gosh!! that's too cute!!! how fun!!

i know what you mean about the teenagers...mine are growing up so's hard...but it's so cool watching them grow up at the same time...

Holli said...

Oh how very cute... you have batman and I have Nick the red Mystic Force power ranger. Can't get him to take if off - he even asked to wear it in the bath!
I love this age!!

Elliemarie said...

That is sooo adorable! Batman rocks! Tell Jo he has the coolest costume ever (the only cooler thing would be Wolverine, lol).

J.F. said...

Hi Kristi, I had fun reading about your little one wearing the cape all the time. When I was a kid I had a cape that was Batman on one side and Superman on the other. I'm surprised I don't still put it on once in a while. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. I'll be doing so more regularly I think. Have a happy Halloween!

Kristi K. said...

I've been talking to some other moms about this phenomenon, and apparently, lots and lots of little boys have the "won't take my costume off" syndrome. It's just a hoot! Don't you wish we adults were more like kids sometimes? Life would be a lot more fun! ;)