Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Faith! That's it! Faith!

A week or so ago, I posted about our second trip to Build-a-Bear in August for Jess' birthday. I posted a picture of Jo's monkey, Montey. I couldn't remember what everyone else named their bears. I posted a general picture of all four of them.

I found my certificate last night and I had named my bear "Faith." When I was a teenager, I always thought if I ever had a girl I'd name her Faith. So, I guess I have a girl named Faith now, in a round about way.

Faith really is a cute bear. She's the "Do it all Mom" bear. I felt like I didn't give Faith the recognition she deserved in my first post. ;) So, here is a closer view of Faith, as well as a view of her Sketchers shoes, which I adore. I think my favorite part about Faith is her wig, which is reddish. The purse she is holding is also very similar to one I used to carry.

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1 comment:

Elliemarie said...

Too cute! I love the sneakers! I really have got to go there one day...