Monday, October 23, 2006

A Disclaimer

I just want to say before I get any more emails, I WASN'T TRYING TO HURT ANYONE'S FEELINGS...or throw any stones... BY POSTING THE PREVIOUS BLOG ENTRY!

In fact, that post was more directed at me, as a reminder of my own emotional ups and downs than anyone else's! I was the one who posted a post called, "I'm on a roller coaster ride, want to come?" just a few days ago. It was simply my way of dumping thoughts on this get them off my chest...and on to my online journal. My sounding board. My place to leave my thoughts......

I love my friends! I hate when they go through hard times! I cry for them! I drive home, thinking about their pain and my heart hurts for them. I debate about what they're going through and mull it over.

Again: the post was not meant to be judge-y. Just observation-y.


Elliemarie said...

Huh? If it's any consolation, I really appreciated your post and thought it was thought-provoking and well-stated.

neicybelle said...

never put a disclaimer for something that is on your was an excellent entry!