Wednesday, September 20, 2006

TAG! You're It!

I've been tagged, by Pat, so now I'm tagging you, my blog reader. If you don't have a blog of your own, comment on my blog and answer this most personal question:

What is in your purse?

Here's what's in mine after taking inventory: (Keep in mind, my "purse" is actually a shoulder bag given to me by my uncle from Georgia. So it holds A LOT of stuff.)

1. A letter from my second cousin, Jesse, from Georgia.

2. My camera and camera case.

3. My newest "Lasting Moments" magazine (Creative Memories scrapbooking magazine.) I just got it. Yay!

4. My wallet, containing all manner of credit cards, library cards, coffee punch cards, preferred shopper cards from every store known to man, my driver's license, etc.

5. My CM "Star Performers" magazine. Just got that, also.

6. My pill case. I only take one prescription med, but I have otc allergy meds and vitamins in there.

7. Cel phone case & cel phone.

8. Ipod shuffle and headphones.

9. Pack of thank you cards that I meant to put in my desk drawer here at work, and this survey reminded me to do just that.

10. School portrait package order form for my records.

11. A scrap of paper with some phone numbers on it.

12. Three horse items that Josiah got from a bday party he went to that he deemed too girly to keep: a horse pen, a horse book mark and a horse sticker. He gave them to me because I am a girl.

13. 1 bank statement.

14. 1 credit card statement.

15. 1 letter from my friend, Wyn.

16. My Greyhound ticket that I plan on putting in a scrapbook once I scrapbook about my trip to Georgia. I'd better take it out before it gets too wrinkly and mashed up.

17. A reminder card from the vet's office, stating that in October Taz is due for a refill on his Interceptor (heart worm) pills.

18. A tube of concealer.

19. Some napkins.

20. A Rhinocort aqua sample bottle.

21. A magnetic neclace.

22. A sample size deodrant.

23. 2 pens.

24. A Walmart receipt.

25. A grocery receipt.

And that's it! Think that's enough?


pat said...

You beat me, hands down.

Elliemarie said...

How big is your freakin purse?!? Lol, I guess I shouldn't talk until I actually do this (which I will tomorrow morning).

Holli said...

Do you suffer from back or shoulder problems?