Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just in Case....

And just in case you reached out to me over the last week or so and thought I didn't care, you are WRONG big time. I heard all of the caring concern...took to heart the emails, offers of prayer and friendship...and they buoyed my spirit when I was feeling too down to see straight.

And that means YOU: Holli! Leah! Denise! Sandy! Sheila! Bipsy! Deb! John! etc., etc., etc. You ARE major blessings in my life and I am thankful for you daily! As well as my other friends that aren't mentioned here because I've been hiding all this from them, too. :)


Elliemarie said...

It's good to hear from you and I think everyone can understand that sometimes you need some space and time to think, without having to explain what you are going through to everyone. *hugs*

Holli said...

Yep, we all need our space. I knew you were trying to hide. I just wanted you to know that you have a place to hide! :-) Free fun? What's that?! LOL. Tim works 2nd shift Friday night if you want to come to my house for coffee or smoothies and endless conversation. IF... you aren't too tired! I totally understand if you are. I know you are extremly busy. I love you and I am praying for you. And you are RIGHT in 10 yrs this won't be a problem so don't worry about it now. And no need w/ the if you didn't and if you hadn't. Fact is you did and he did and now try to find a way to cope and move on!
LOVE YA oh and remember his 50 here and 65 there is no different then the $ you spent on pets... you both spent $ you didn't have just in ways that you each don't understand about the other. Smile - you know I love ya