Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have you Heard this Song?

There is this song that I've been hearing lately...and then I realized that it was an itunes free song a while back ago, because it's in my (huge) music library already. It's nice of itunes to remind me of the fact that I already have it in my library when I try to buy it. Anyway, it's called "Over My Head" by a group called "The Fray." I don't know much about this group, but I love this song. It stays in my mind. I also like their album artwork.

A few weeks ago I was in to this song called "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae. I found out, much to my delight, it was also an itunes free song some time ago. Also a tune that stuck with me. She has a lovely voice. Could it be that people out there in radio land are actually LISTENING to their itunes free weekly song, thus making the free songs popular? Because I am doing things backwards. I'm hearing the song on the radio, going "I like that song!" Then I go to itunes and try to purchase it, only to be told "it's already in your library, goofball!" (Only in a much more polite, computer generated manner.) ;)

Anyway, here is the album art I like so much from the album, "How to Save a Life," by the Fray:

I don't know what makes me like this picture so much, but I guess that's what makes :) A print of this album cover would look good in my living room. All brown and black and darkish colors. It would match my couch. ;)

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