Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Filling in the Blanks

Just a quick update post:

Bipsy's granddaughter is at home now and doing fine. She was pretty dehydrated, but once she was re-hydrated, she was fine. She is up and playing and not even coughing much. I'm so glad about this, because it's just so scary when little ones are sick.

I'm a little sad today. My guinea pig, Lilly, had a miscarriage yesterday. There were two premature babies. She seems to be doing very well today. I have never had something like that happen with any of the guinea pigs I've had previously. I'm not sure what went wrong, but right now I'm just giving her lots of extra treats and keeping an eye on her. I'm not even picking her up much, and am discouraging the kids from handling her until she's had time to heal.

Work has been pretty busy of late. I'm scrambling around a good portion of the day, trying to keep up. I like keeping busy, it makes the day pass by faster. However, I get far fewer chances to check up on my blog friends. So, if you have been seeing fewer comments on your blog from me, that's the reason. Duty calls.

On that note, I'm out of here for tonight. Hope you have a nice evening.


J.F. said...

Sorry to hear about your guinea pig. That is a scary thing, especially since animals can't tell you how they're feeling. Yesterday we had a chipmunk that my Mom's cat attacked and we tried to save it but it died, sadly. I'm glad to hear that Bipsy's granddaughter is OK too, that can be very worrisome and stressful.

Don't work too hard!

Holli said...

Hi sweetie! I am sorry to hear about Lilly, I hope she recovers soon.

Elliemarie said...

That is wonderful news about Bipsy's granddaughter-I'm sure Bipsy must be so relieved.

I am sorry to hear about Lilly-poor little thing! I'm sure she will recover fine with the TLC from you.

Take care and try not to work too hard!

neicybelle said... disappointing about lilly...keep us updated! i'm glad to hear bipsy's granddaughter is feeling better, too...