Friday, August 25, 2006

A Quick Sketch

Yesterday Jo asked Rob to draw him a picture. Rob protested and said that he hasn't drawn in years, and is rusty. Jo kept asking him, so finally he sat down for about five minutes and sketched this super hero figure for Jo.

Jo was impressed, and I was, too. Rob has only drawn two or three pictures since I've known him. One was of Godzilla and King Kong fighting, which I was totally impressed by.

Rob doesn't think his sketches are good, but he is tickled that Jo and I like them. So, I thought I'd share this quick sketch with Bloggerville. :)


J.F. said...

Awesome! Have a great weekend, Kristi!

Deb said...

This is awesome. I will have to say something to him at the shop. have a great weekend, see you Saturday. Deb

Holli said...

Geesh, I think that's awesome. For those of us who can't draw straight lines it's a shame he can't see his talent. I'm impressed!
He should try to make Jo a comic book story. I bet Jo would keep that forever and ever!

Elliemarie said...

Very cool! Does this dashing superhero have a name?

neicybelle said...

how fun!!

Kristi K. said...

Ellie, the name Jo and Rob came up with is "Elemental Blitz." I thought that was about as creative as the drawing itself. :)
Thanks all of you for stopping by.