Friday, August 18, 2006

Is it Any Wonder I Love This Woman So Much?

Today I found a card from my Aunt Marlene that she wrote to me just a few weeks after Mom passed away. This was her fraternal twin sister that she lost. Yet she sent ME a card, comforting me. I had to share it with you. It continues to touch my heart every time I read it. Is it any wonder I love this woman so much and feel so close to her? She and I have the kind of relationship that Mom and I could never have. I feel the same way about my Uncle Ron from Georgia. He is the dad I don't have in his brother. I continually ask him if he wants to adopt me, and he says, "Sure! I have four girls already, and you're like one of my own, so what the heck?" :)

I have a card album I periodically add cards to. I save cards that are especially meaningful to me...or especially funny. I will have to start a second album soon, but one thing I am sure of: this one is a keeper!

Aunt Marlene is also on my mind today because she goes to consult with her doctor regarding this surgery. At first I thought today was the ACTUAL surgery, but turns out, I misunderstood. Today is an "explore our options" appointment. We all hope to be better informed afterward.

Anyway, here is the card I wanted to share:

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Yesterday was a tough day for me, but today seems to be turning out much better. Sheila stopped by work after hours yesterday and we had a really good talk. I always love spending time with her. Then I went home and cleaned like a mad woman. Rob and I were hacked off at each other, so both of us stayed away from one another in the house. Jess and Jo were at a friend's house, and Josh was playing basketball across the street with a friend.

I usually don't spend that much time after work cleaning. I think I cleaned for a solid three hours. I put all my angry energy to work, and I am happy with the results. I guess we need to have a good spat on occasion. :) Makes the house look much more tidy! That, and I slept good having worn myself out. The scales say I lost two pounds today, so that's good. I'm not a huge fan of housework, but my waistline seems to approve.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Anything exciting in store?


neicybelle said...

omg...that made me cry...that is an amazing card! i hope all goes well today!

Elliemarie said...

That made me all teary-eyed. What a beautiful card. Her sentiments are so heartfelt and sincere-I understand why you treasure your aunt so much.

Ha, I wish I could get in a major housework mode-my place looks like a warzone. No big plans for the weekend, aside from maybe going to the comic convention.

Hope you have a great weekend, Kristi!

Holli said...

I always clean when I'm angry. Must be why my house is always spotless! LOL!
I do hope you got to kiss and make up with the hubby (or soon do). I'm going to a Home & Garden party tomorrow afternoon after the grocery, cutting my nieces hair Sunday. Tucker is grounded this weeekend so it'll be a rather obnoxious weekend for mom! Have a good one sweetie!