Monday, July 10, 2006

The Traditional Foo-Foo Beverage Picture

The kids made fun of me last year because I took a picture of my fancy Starbucks mint frappa-something chilled coffee drink and put the picture in my scrapbook. So this year I took another picture, only this time it was my Gloria Jean's Coffees White Chocolate Chip Something or other chilled coffee beverage. I have one of these type of drinks whenever we go on a trip. I consider it my traditional treat. Of course, because the kids made fun of me for taking a picture of my drink last year, it made me want to do it every year! It's always fun to watch the kids squirm, wondering if passersby will think their mom is psycho as I aim my camera, point and shoot. :)


ima bloggers sister said...

Saw your comment on my blog. i had moved the blog to my domain, but decided i'd rather stay at blogger. I've changed the name,

neicybelle said...

foo-foo--that's funny! it looked awesome! isn't it fun embarrassing your kids that way?