Monday, July 17, 2006

Some Things I Learned This Weekend

1.) My yard is not quite as shady as I thought.
2.) Sunblock is a product I need to utilize more often.
3.) Yard work awakens muscles I didn't know I had.
4.) My tank tops don't cover much of my back at all.
5.) All lawn mowers should have automatic key start ignition like cars. The string/pull system is a cruel joke divised to torture all human kind.
6.) Having the weekend off does not guarantee relaxation.
7.) It is a good thing when your dog is afraid of your lawn mower. Otherwise, they might follow you around while you're mowing. This can lead to a grass covered dog and a moving obstacle blocking your every turn. Not a good experience for either party.
8.) It's hard to sleep with flaming skin and throbbing muscles.
9.) It's a good idea to wear long pants while using a weed eater. Weeds aren't the only things that weed eaters cut.
10.)The likelihood that a teenage child will attempt to give their mom a hug is in direct proportion to the likelihood that the aforementioned mom has a painful sunburn.

So, those are some things I learned this weekend. I am satisfied that I got a lot of work done, and the yard looks a whole lot better.

What new and exciting thing did you learn this weekend?

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neicybelle said...

I learned that hot air balloons don't do well in 100+ temps.

I learned to carry a back up camera battery or I was going to miss some fantastic shots. (i'm still smacking my forehead over that one!!!)

I learned that the next time I talk about how much I love summer, I should be smacked up-side the head.

I learned that I absolutely adore my 3year old nephew and my brother in law and his wife are going to have their hands full as this young boy grows up.

Isn't learning fun?