Monday, July 31, 2006

The Scoop on the Weekend

I can't say that anything super exciting transpired this weekend. I mean, I could say it, but then it would be stretching the truth.

Friday night we stayed home and did nothing. Saturday I worked at our shop for a little while. I had brought Taz with me, and he and Jo played all morning. Around noon I started feeling kind of weak and dizzy. I'm not sure if the humidity was a factor, because Jo started feeling crummy, too. He's usually a ball of non stop energy, so I think the weather was the issue.

I ended up falling asleep on a couch we have in the storage area of our shop. After about an hour of that, since Rob was already there and working, I got up, gathered up Taz and went home. Jo wanted to stay at the shop with his dad. Josh and Jess were both at their weekend jobs, so I was flying solo. I got home, gave the dogs some treats I had bought them, made sure all the animals in our "zoo" had water and food, then went to sleep on the couch. I didn't wake up until the family got home at six!

Turns out, after I left the shop, Jo laid down on the couch and slept for the rest of the day. How rare for both of us to be so exhausted.

It was good that I slept, because we had plans to go to the drive in Saturday night. My friend, Sheila, her family, a friend of hers, and her friend's family, were all going as well. We only stayed for the first movie, "Pirates 2," because we had already seen the second movie, which was "Cars." I am really glad that I got so much sleep, because I was fighting the urge to shut my eyes through the whole beginning of "Pirates 2." This was the same problem I had on the first movie. Everyone raved on and on about how great it was, but I fell asleep every time I tried to watch it. That doesn't happen to me if I am "into" a movie. I think they must start out kind of slow. I forced myself to stay awake, and I ended up being glad I did.

I've not been a Johnny Depp fan in the past, but that is slowly changing. I like his look as he's gotten older. The dark, edgy look he's developed works for him. I think I really started liking him after seeing him in "Secret Window." Even Jess thinks he's handsome, and she's just a teenager.

Okay, enough of that.

Sunday was Rob's birthday. He insisted on working the shop, so I took him lunch....Chinese. We decided to have dinner later this week in celebration of his birthday. He was really tired after working all day. So we had a basic dinner, with strawberry cake and ice cream for dessert. Jess got him socks, Josh got him t-shirts, I got him memory foam slippers. The other plans I had for him (which was to buy him a dvd/vcr combo) I put aside at his request. What he really wants is to go to a convention this coming Saturday. So I decided that I would put the money I would have spent on the combo toward his trip. Plus, I'll work the shop the whole day so he can be free to go.

Birthdays are a big deal for me. I couldn't help feeling like I didn't do enough for him. As much as he does for me, I always feel like I am falling short. He insists that isn't true, so I hope that's how he really feels. He claims birthday celebrations are a bigger thing for me than they are for him. Is it a woman thing? I don't know.

Anyway, I picked up my shelf for my scrapbooks yesterday. It's really nice. I just need to carve out some time this week to stain it.

That's about as much as I can think of this morning. What's new in your world? Anything exciting to share?

Until later, have a good Monday...if there is such a thing. :)


neicybelle said...

I totally loved Johnny Depp in Secret Window...and I agree, the older, more edgy he gets, the more attracative he becomes!

This heat is horribly exhausting!

I think birthday celebrations vary from person to person...but i know more females that get into celebrating them than men. It sounds like a nice time and now he has the money to go to his convention!

Holli said...

The humidity this weekend was quite wicked!
Thank goodness for the pool and the AC. That's all I did. Tucker and I laid around and watched Mystic Force Power Rangers all weekend. I know - I'm weird but I really like this one! It's got alot of magic and an enchanted forest. Who knew I liked that kind of stuff?! LOL
I too am a Depp fan. I think he's completely sexy as Jack Sparrow! I've always had a thing for long hair and edgy guys! LOL!
Well I pray that your week is a blessed one! BE SAFE!