Thursday, July 20, 2006

Say "Cheese!"

Embarrassing story #2:

My husband is an excellent cook. He's always had a job where he gets home before me, so he's always done the cooking. I have to blame him for part of the weight gain I've experienced over our 15 married- over 16 total years together. He's just extremely creative in the culinary department. And I can personally resist everything except temptation. :) Basically I love anything he prepares and eat it heartily.

One day he made up a pot of his awesome chili. This was prior to my stupid "I can't eat anything with tomatoes in it or my lips swell up" glitch so I had a nice big bowl of chili.

When he makes chili he tops it off with lots of cheese and sour cream. The cheese gets all melty and it is just yummy.

Anyway, I ate and then I had to run some errands. I got up and asked Rob if he needed anything while I was out, and he glanced my way and indicated that he was fine. He didn't need anything, so I headed out.

The first stop on my list was to drop something off at a close acquaintance's home. I knew this couple fairly well, but hadn't known them more than six months. They were people I knew through church contacts.

When I arrived, the wife, Dee, wasn't home, but her daughter and her husband Bill were. I smiled and attempted to make small talk, as I did whenever I saw either of them. Usually Bill and Dee were equally chatty, and we had many great conversations about family, church, whatever.

Right away I noticed that Bill wasn't talkative at all. In fact, he seemed very distracted and distant. Within minutes, he excused himself and said he had a lot of work to do that he needed to get back to.

Puzzled, I dropped off what I needed to, and left. I got in my car, drove down to K-mart, which was my second stop, all the while wondering what had caused Bill to act so strangely.

At this point, I parked and sat in the car in the parking lot. I decided to open the visor mirror and check my appearance before I went in to K-mart. I tend to be rather vain, a quality about myself I'm not real wild about, but in this case, that was a trait that ended up working in my favor. As is my normal routine, I glanced in the mirror, wanting to make sure I looked presentable before going in to the store.

Right away, I was horrified. Hanging off my chin was a piece of cheese. This wasn't a tiny little bit of cheese that was barely noticeable. This string of cheese had to be three inches long and as big around as my pinky finger! When I moved my head, I could feel it pull against the flesh on my chin. I actually had to yank on the cheese to remove it!

I tell you, I was both appalled and relieved! Can you imagine how much worse it had been if I had walked around K-mart with that hanging off my chin? After I gave the whole situation more thought, I bet Bill was totally unsure of how to handle the whole thing. A real close friend would have said, "Uh, what's up with that big piece of something hanging off your chin?" He must have thought I had some sort of weird growth sprouting from my chin. Geez!

One thing became glaringly clear that day. My husband never really looks at me when he talks to me. I have kept that in mind from that day forward.

Okay, that's it for that one. More later.


neicybelle said...

GROSS!!! Oh my gosh!! I'm SO glad you checked your mirror before going into K-Mart!! Men!!

PJ said...!! how completely mortifying!!!

you are so funny though. thanks for sharing. sorry i'm not around too much. i'm in my last week of summer school and it's really hectic!!

i've been thinking of you though and visting your blog. thanks for praying!! xoxx.