Monday, July 24, 2006

Pretty Decent Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. Hope you did, too.

Saturday night we went to the drive in and saw "Cars" and "Click." Both movies were excellent. We seldom stay for both movies these days, but we felt these two warranted staying up for. We didn't get home until almost 3 a.m., so I was tired Sunday. I really didn't sleep late Sunday, as I had a lot of house work to catch up on.

Last night Jess got a boy guinea pig, which she named after a county singer that she likes named Dirks Bentley. She, thankfully, chose the "Bentley" part. Jess has changed a lot since we moved from the city out into the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden she went from liking pop and hiphop/R&B to liking country music. Even Josh knows some country tunes now.

This turn of events has robbed us of one of our prime parenting tools. When the kids would argue in the back seat of the car, Rob would turn to a country music station and make sure that the music went to the speakers in the back. This would torture the kids so much that they would quiet down rather than be subjected to one minute of such music.

The last time Rob attempted this, he turned to the station with his usual glee, and Jess yelled from the backseat, "Rascal Flatts! Rascal Flatts! That's their new song! Don't turn it!"

Rob glanced at me accusingly and muttered, "This is your fault. If you hadn't drug us all out into the country to live, she never would have went over to the dark side."

To this I replied, "Hmmm. I believe you're the one that had "Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits" in your music collection when we first met, not me. Besides, I managed to grow up in the country for eighteen years without becoming a country music fan. She must have just had the gene in her DNA." :)

So, that's the two big events of the weekend. Other than that, I did laundry, cleaned, worked at our shop for a few hours, and cleaned some more.

How was your weekend?

The next post will be a picture of Bentley since he's the latest addition to our family. He's about as sweet as they come. That's a relief, because Sabu, our 1 1/2 year old male guinea pig bites. He doesn't like to be touched or petted. That is something I've never had with guinea pigs. I have had lots of them in my life, and Sabu is my first biter. Thank goodness Bentley is sweet and docile like he should be. :)

By the way, has Blogger been acting up in your world today?


neicybelle said...

Holey moley has it ever been acting up!! UGh!

I had a guinea pig when I was a kid. Amy keeps begging me for one, but I haven't gotten her one, yet. yet...maybe for her birthday...

I can never stay awake for the second movie at a drive-in. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty uneventful. that's a good thing!

Kristi K. said...

If you ever decide to get a guinea pig, I have all kinds of good advice based on past experience. Maybe if we breed ours, (of course right now we only have two males) I'll meet you half way between our states and give you one for Amy. :) Of course, after gas was factored in, you'd be paying double for it. :) They're really happier in pairs, so maybe you'd need two. :)

My grandmother was basically the eccentric cat lady in the neighborhood...but I'm afraid I'm turning into the eccentric animal lady. I don't just like cats, I like animals of all types. If I had the money and the acreage, I'd have a zoo, I think. Or at least a petting zoo. :)

neicybelle said...

Amy would love you! She loves animals of all types and is always asking for more pets.

We could meet in Indianapolis and spend the day at the zoo there!! Of course, the guinea pigs out in the car may not appreciate being out there while we're in the zoo!

Zoos are my #1 weakness...I go to all I can whenever I can. Amy and I plan day trips to driving distance zoos.

J.F. said...

You guys are lucky to have drive-ins. We had them but they've all disappeared.
That's funny that your kids like country music now, it's probably their friends' influence. Now you guys can just play hiphop to quiet them down. Looking forward to seeing Bentley.
Also, Blogger is fine for me today.

Kristi K. said...

That would be fun. If it were cooler weather, the guinea pigs would be fine.

I have enjoyed Indianapolis every time I've gone. In retrospect, I've always gone on days when everything is closed. Often on the long holiday weekends all there is to do is shop, because the museums are closed. Not that I mind shopping, but I always think it's good to try to introduce some cultural arts to the kids.

I've only been to the Cinci Zoo... there is an Aquarium in Cinci that is supposed to be awesome, yet I still haven't been there. It's called the Newport Aquarium. It's surrounded by glass. I managed to go to the Boston Aquarium in Mass on one of my visits to my friend, but not the one in my own state. Go figure.

Well: God willing and the creek don't rise, maybe we can actually make a day trip happen. :) First I need to get a female guinea. Aha! I think this might be a good excuse to pet shop! :)

J.F. said...

Kristi are you talking about the Boston Aquarium in Mass? I've been there and it's great. I hope you guys can work out a trip!

Kristi K. said...

J.F.-Yep, that's the same aquarium! I didn't get to go out on the "Dolphin Watch" thing, but we still had a great time!

I think it would be fun to hang out with neicy! It would be a toss up which one of us would take the most pictures. :)