Friday, July 28, 2006

Looking Foward to the Weekend

Well, it is Friday. I made it through the week. Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?

Last night after work I did my "Walk Away the Pounds-Walk and Kick" dvd...a Leslie Sansone workout series. That was a good way to end my day. The exercise melted away the stress of the work day. I went home after my workout and Jess and I took a walk with Taz. From there, I chatted with a neighbor for a few hours. They shared some fresh veggies out of their garden, and at that point, I thanked them and strolled back home.

When I got home, the kids and I ended up goofing off, taking pictures with this "Joe Dirt" wig that Jo had. One of his friends bought it for a Halloween costume, and he gave it to Jo. We put it on Taz and Carlito and subjected the poor pups to the humilation of having their picture taken with it on.

After that we did our animal chores...feeding, watering, cleaning. I think I did one load of dishes and called it a night.

I'm hoping I can get some scrapbooking in this weekend. If I stay on top of the housework through the week, I can usually carve out a few hours on the weekend to get some pages done. Right now I am finishing up my 2nd 12" x 12" friendship album. I have to journal and put protective sleeves on the pages, and I'll be done.

I'm pretty excited, because I met a carpenter whose shop is close to ours. He custom built a shelf for my albums. I pick it up Sunday. My grandfather made my grandmother this type of shelf for her record albums many years ago. The record albums were the same size as my 12" x 12" scrapbooks, so I moved her records and have been using the shelf to store my books. The shelf my granddad made holds about 14 albums, and since I've completed around 30, I needed more shelf space. The shelf I ordered holds about 25 books in total.

The carpenter is an older gentleman who does basic carpentry. I will have to stain the shelf myself, which works out well. Rob bought me a couple of quilt racks for my birthday from the same shop. I can stain all the items at once, and they will be uniform in color. I'm hoping to get the staining done Sunday. I have the brushes and stain, I just need the time.

Well, for my last post of the week, (which I will have to post next because blogger is goofy again), here are Taz and Carlito in cognito as Joe Dirt.

This post wasn't all that entertaining, but sometimes I have to recharge my creativity...hopefully the weekend will help with that.

Have a great last weekend in July!

P.S. Happy, Happy Birthday, Neicy!


neicybelle said...

yay for exercise!! i got a walk in and worked out at curves this morning! i also love fresh from the garden veggies!

poor babies!! i can't wait to see them, though! how fun!

thank you for the happy birthday wishes!

Holli said...

This has been a very long week and PMS has set in and it chose this morning to hit hard. So, I'm sitting at my desk trying to be quiet and praying for the day to hurry! I'll have to warn my family to leave me alone! LOL! I am hoping to spend the day at the pool tomorrow (please weather cooperate) and Sunday cut/color my moms hair. Not exciting but it sho beats being here at work!
Have an awesome weekend and I hope you get some rest in between all you hope to get done!

J.F. said...

I love Joe Dirt. I didn't know it was Neicy's birthday. Good deal about getting new shelves too. Sorry I haven't checked in here in a while. Have a great weekend!

Kristi K. said...

You never have to apologize for not checking in! I'm glad when you can, and am touched when you leave a comment. However, I know how busy life is. :) I'm glad to see you when you have time to stop by!

Kristi K. said...


I hope you feel better very soon! Maybe the sun and some poolside relaxation will help recharge you.

I'm so jealous of your mom! I just cut my own hair, and let me tell you, it isn't as easy as it sounds. :) It turned out fine. For once my hair is the same length all the way around...other than my bangs. Thank goodness everyone said, "You got your haircut! It looks great!" Not, "when did you get drunk and play with scissors?" :) HAHAHA! :)

Have a good weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by! We'll figure out some way of hanging out soon, I promise. :)

Kristi K. said...

If I were there, I'd sing happy birthday to you. SO, be glad I'm not there! :) HAHA!

Hope whatever the girls have planned is wonderful! I expect to hear all about it next week!