Friday, July 14, 2006

General Musings and other Nonsense

It's Friday, it's Friday, oh yeah, it's Friday! I don't work my second job anymore, so I'm happy! I might actually get some house cleaning done! Oh yeah!

Wow. That isn't as exciting now that I said it out loud. Oh well.

Last night we had a crop...which just so happened to fall on Sheila's birthday. So that was cool. We got to alternate between picking on Sheila and being extra nice to her. Such is the lot of the birthday girl.

One of the girls had made a sign for someone else's birthday, and they decided to display it in Sheila's honor. It was a hoot! Here it is: (Notice the very tasteful stick figure drawing!)

What I got Sheila for her birthday was a plaque that says, "True Friendship is seen through the heart, not the eyes" or something along those lines. This is a picture of Sheila looking through the heart on the plaque to see if she can see friendship. :) We get a little goofy sometimes at these crops, can ya tell?

Good times, good times.

Prayer Request:

On a serious note, please pray for my favorite Uncle: Ron. He lives in Georgia, and that's where I long to be right now. He has afib and diabetes (both inherited from my grandmother) and was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration (inherited from my grandfather.)

He is one of the nicest people God ever blessed the world with creating. Yet he has had such tough going lately. They are having a difficult time regulating his medication to control his afib. The diabetes doesn't help matters. The other day he was on his way to his doctors' office and he wrecked his car. It is totaled, I think he said. Thankfully, he wasn't injured. Please pray for help and encouragement to come his way. I have a longing in my heart to be there. I need wisdom to see when the timing is right. I don't want to act on emotion, but go when I should go so I can be a blessing to Uncle Ron and his wife. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

That's about it for this Friday. It's around 85ish muggy degrees outide. We got three days of rain, so now the sun is a welcome break. Hope your weekend is all that you hope for and more!

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neicybelle said...

I'm sorry to hear that your uncle is not doing well! Diabetes is a horrible disease! I will be praying for you and your family!