Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Student Will Now Be the Teacher

I am always learning something from the blogs I follow. I hardly ever put anything on my blog that "teaches" anything. My blog usually consists of the details of my mundane little life.

Until today!

My boss and friend, who I am tired of calling "my boss and friend," so I will now call Bipsy just for the fun of it....(I am changing her name to protect the 'innocent'....) went away to Italy recently. I had fun house and cat sitting, and because a.) she always buys the coolest souvenirs when she travels b.) she's just a very giving person and c.) she really, really loves me d.) I do her job while she's gone...(can I call that even if I messed up a gazillion things in her absence?) she ordered a beautiful glass cat...Murano glass...and had it shipped home.

The box contained a pamphlet...certificate of authenticity.... that described the glass making process and serves as an advertisement for the company as well. I thought it was neat information, so I thought I'd share it.

***For some reason, blogger isn't allowing me to add those photos in to this post, so I will try to create a new post with them in it. ***

Anyway, I can't help feeling a little spoiled as my pretty glass kitty sits nearby and watches me type. It really is unique!

Did I mention that I have awesome friends? I keep forgetting if I have ever brought that up.....


neicybelle said...

Oh Kristi! That is an AMAZING gift! It's absolutely beautiful!

Blogger gets weird on me now and then and won't let me post pics...*shrugs*

Elliemarie said...

The Murano glass cat is beautiful. I have a huge collection of glass animals, glass flowers, candle holders, etc (it's a bit of an obsession). But I don't have anything made by Murano-thanks for posting the info on how they are created!