Friday, July 16, 2004

A good friend

Tonight I went to a suprise party for my friend, Sheila, who I have been friends with for 23 years. I met two of her friends that I hadn't met previously. I also got to visit with another close friend of hers, who I have met many times before. Two of Sheila's friends had new babies. They were so tiny and new and adorable. The older kids in the group swam while the husbands in attendance grilled out. It was a neat evening. Later Sheila and I are going to a late movie. 23 years of friendship and this is the first movie we will have seen in a theatre together. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if we've even seen a movie on VHS or DVD. How sad! I guess we've just been too busy talking, looking at pictures and talking more. We're nine days apart in age and have a lot of the same interests. And finally, after all these years of friendship, we live in the same town. It's great to drive across town to talk instead of writing a letter or calling.
It's time for me to leave for the movie. More later.

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